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May. 5th, 2013

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Jun. 13th, 2014

To a future writer,

To Me in 5 years:

First off, where are you now? Where are you living? Did you manage to find your way back to Germany, only to realise what you truly left behind here? Or did you settle down for real into life over here, only to feel more and more claustrophobic everyday, itching to leave again like you always do? Or maybe you're somewhere else entirely, somewhere you never expected to be.

Are you happy?

I hope you are, even though I doubt you'll ever be fully satisfied. You may be five years older, but you're still me, after all. I don't think I will ever be satisfied. I will always want more. The grass is always greener on the other side, and sometimes I think that can be a good thing. It keeps you striving for more. But I hope you have found your place in life. I hope you have a job you're happy with, and are living in a place of your own choosing (and not feeling like you've been trapped into it), maybe even sharing your life with someone important.

(Quick question: if you've found him, is he as much of a cultural hybrid as you are? Does he love the same things you do? Does he love Germany as much as you do? If he doesn't, dump him Does he understand your constant flakiness, your idealistic desire to 'change the world', change someone else's life through your works in some sort of way? Because here is a message from the past: if he doesn't, maybe it's time to reevaluate.)

Are you still writing?

I'm writing this not just because today (12th June 2014 - alright, so it's the 13th now technically) is the day NaNoWriMo is holding the #ToAFutureWriter exercise, but also because I have been tossing and turning in bed for over an hour now, just thinking. Do I regret the choices I've made in life so far? Yes, I do. At times like this, I feel like I made a mistake in choosing my major, or career path (WHAT career path?) or even going into arts may have been a mistake. I don't know. At the same time, I like my major. I like the people I've met (well most of them anyway), the experiences I've had, the things I've learnt from making those choices as a teenager. It's just that my degree doesn't feel at all useful. But that's another rant for another day. The point is, I have no idea where I am going in life. And maybe writing this letter to 5-years-later Me is allowing me to imagine a future self that is more certain of my place in the world, a self that I can aspire towards.

I hope you continued writing. I hope you managed to publish your first book (in 2015 maybe?) like you planned to. It doesn't matter if it was a flop or more successful than you expected it to be, I hope you learnt something from that experience and kept on writing. I hope you've written about more issues that are close to your heart. I hope that you kept on publishing, after that first time. I hope you never gave up on your dreams. I hope that, now, reading this letter from the past, you are able to look back and think to yourself: I may not have made all the best choices, or even the right ones, but I am glad for everything that has brought me here, because I like my life; I like where I am. These past 5 years have been awesome.

And here's to many more to go.

Jun. 11th, 2014

only hate the road when you're missing home

Ähhh....... I know. On the one hand, I'm telling people that my Lieblingsmedium is the Computer; on the other, I haven't turned on my computer for a week or so. Wow, I really went crazy with the meet-ups last week, to such an extent that I am absolutely scheiße-sick of socialising now.

Sorry for the Denglish, my brain has been functioning on an "oh mein Gott, was ist das" level for a couple hours now. This happens every time I'm stuck for several hours in an all-German environment, and my mind takes a while to revert back because it tries to cling onto the fading Germanness rooted deep within me for as long as possible. (ahaha don't mind me)

Right right, I wanted to talk about Sunday. This most recent Sunday, I went ice-skating for the first time. :D My friends said I was a natural, haha! Those rollerblading courses probably came in handy when it comes to balancing and stuff. I almost made it through the whole 2 hours without falling, but in the last half-hour I just got super tired and kept going down like a ton of bricks. My friend was like, "You're not even trying to balance anymore! You're just like, oh, I'm going down? Okay."

We met this friendly and helpful old American guy and also chatted a bit (and got some tips!) with a young girl... and also exchanged some smiles and friendly words with a mum and her kid. I think this supports my hypothesis that people are friendlier in colder weather. Man, I love the temperature at the ice rink. It's my ideal temperature, even though my friends found it a bit too cold for them. But I was just prancing around in short sleeves and feeling like it was a nice cool Spring day. Freakin' awesome.

My tailbone still hurts from that one hard fall I took on Sunday, but I am so in love with ice-skating now that I've been introduced to it. I definitely want to go back to ice-skate sometime real soon. Funny how I hate sports and I hate winter, but I love winter sports like skiing and ice-skating...

Yeah, thinking of taking up some ice-skating lessons now. Haha, I keep doing this. I need to watch my expenditure. I think I'll definitely be working more next semester, to try to earn back the money I've been spending this summer.

And also, it's E3 season now!!! So many games being announced, ahhh. I am definitely getting the Sims 4 and the new Harvest Moon by Natsume, at least. Not sure about Super Smash Bros yet, we'll see in October. But Sims 4, yeah! I've been waiting ages for that.

Speaking of games, I have also recently bought Atelier Ayesha (for the Vita) and Tomodachi Life (for 3DS). I haven't really touched Ayesha at all, because I'm lazy to read Japanese heh, but Tomodachi Life is HILARIOUS. I got married to Sven in the game, and Vargo dated my professor and then broke up and is now dating Train Guy... Yeah, I make really strange characters in that game. Still, it's unbelievably hilarious. I should really transfer all the screenshots I took in-game to my computer and write an entry on it someday. If I'm not too lazy. I probably will be too lazy, though.

I was going to schedule this week as a relaxing one where I can lie in bed all day and perhaps write a little of Chapter 5 for ALS sporadically, but... looks like it's going to be a full week of going out everyday as well. Ugh! I agree to things way too easily.

Tomorrow is going to be Day 1 of my little trip around Singapore! (Day 2 is going to be in another week, because it's not like I'm going to be leaving anytime soon anyway.) I haven't actually planned the exact places to go yet, I guess I'll just wing it (haha). It was supposed to be a solo trip, sort of like my AufWiedersehen trip around Germany back then, but eh... Other people are coming along now. The more the merrier, I guess. I just hope they don't spoil my plans, I 'travel' better alone.

I really should be going to bed if I'm going to have to get up early tomorrow (or technically it's today)... Although I probably won't go to sleep till like 3 or 4 AM. As usual.

Ahh, the weeks are passing me by. But I've been having fun in life for the first time since last August, so... It's all good. :D

Thesis constantly at the back of my mind
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Jun. 1st, 2014

note to self

ALS character infoCollapse )

Just so I don't forget again.

May. 24th, 2014

run, run like the wind!

I went to the races for the first time today (well, technically, yesterday)! I was curious to see what horse racing was like, so I went with my friend... oddly enough, nobody else was interested. But yeah, it was pretty interesting, actually. Although in Singapore you don't get to wear strange big hats like you do in England or something (that's a really interesting tradition, I think), and the air there was crazy smoky, I about choked on it. AND THERE WERE THESE HUMONGOUS BUTTERFLIES EVERYWHERE, we kept dodging them and my friend totally freaked out when one brushed past her arm... They were really huge! Like about the size of my palm. I don't know why they were there, and there were so many, I swear, you couldn't walk properly without worrying about stepping on one (in fact I saw 2 that got stepped on... RIP ugh). We got right distracted by the butterflies while waiting for the races to start. The horses were really cool, although I felt kinda sorry for them when the jockeys whipped them so hard during the race. I want to learn to ride a horse someday.

We didn't understand the numbers on the forecast, though, so we didn't bet on a horse. But we came pretty close to guessing the winner for one of the races. :D Haha, it was a good night.

And I love how, with some friends, it's fine not to talk for a month or so and then when you meet up it's like nothing has changed. Plus you're still on the same wavelength, even though you're at different points of your lives (she's working, I'm not; usually this changes things). So that was pretty awesome. Usually when I meet up with my working friends they all like to tell me how student life is so enjoyable, etc etc, when they don't really know what grad school is like. I know working is hard, but it does come off as really patronising. But yeah, it was fun hanging out today. So fun that we stayed so late I almost missed the last train. Haha!

Anyway, the next "new experience" outing this summer should be ice-skating! (I know! Why have I never gone ice-skating?!) I keep wanting to do all these things, but it's actually strangely hard to find people to go with me. I don't know why. It's a bit like that skydiving simulation thing I went for at Sentosa last year, it was kinda hard to find someone to go with me. I guess these things are a bit pointless, but well, I dunno, I just want to experience lots of things while I'm still young... I draw the line at bungee jumping though (ironically, this one my friends want to do...). I have a terrible fear of heights.

Also, a trip to Hong Kong at the end of the year with a group of friends from uni may be in the works! :D Exciting. And I have a friend who made it a stipulation that I learn driving before she'll go to Australia or New Zealand with me. Haha. I really should go sign up soon... But the $$$!

Oh, speaking of trips, I'm going to take a solo trip around certain places in Singapore maybe sometime next month. I even made a route map (well, not really) and everything!

I wanted to do this right after Germany (because Singapore seemed very exotic to my mindset then) but I don't know what happened, probably I got quagmired in depression or something, but it never happened. So now I'm doing it! Yeah! And also now when people ask me about places to visit in Singapore, I will be able to say something other than "um... Marina Bay Sands / Singapore River / the zoo?"... Honestly, some of the international students I met in Stuttgart knew more about Singapore than I do.

Er, and ironically, I have done none of those things I listed out in my previous entry. This is inevitably what happens whenever I make plans... (Well, I did read half of Patrick Süskind's Perfume though...)

And I really want to talk about how this Finnish thing keeps popping up to haunt me these days but it's 4 AM and I am exhausted and I still have class tomorrow. (And also going to watch the new X-Men movie!!!) So maybe in another entry. Tschüß! :D
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May. 16th, 2014

you remind me of summer

So my viva (and thus the first major hurdle in my academic life right now) is finally over! And I passed, so things are going swimmingly even though I have to edit some stuff from the thesis. It really is a huge load off my shoulders. I asked my mentor professor if I should continue on with writing Chapter 2 of the thesis now, and she said, "well yes, but for now just go and celebrate."

Haha, well-said! I haven't had a real break since my Masters programme started in August last year, so I need a nice long break. I'll probably get around to working on the thesis again in July or something.

Anyhow, my plans for this summer!

1. There's that thing at Goethe
2. Also that thing on Saturdays...
3. Thinking about learning to drive! (But that's two thousand dollars out of my pocket ugh)
4. Write, of course! There's ALS and that Finnish one-shot (or novel?), and other one-shots if I get inspired out of nowhere
5. Tidy up and start editing some old completed stories (like Fades) and see what I can do with them to make them more publishable in the future
6. I want to make a website layout, maybe for LJ or maybe make a new website altogether?
7. Read the books that I've accumulated since 2011 but never got around to reading

I'll probably be playing games too (lots of games on my backlog, and I really want to buy that Atelier game on the vita)... Though today is officially my first day of freedom, and I'm not doing anything at all. Kinda just want to laze around for a bit, although this lazing feels a bit weird too, after having work to do almost everyday for the past year or so... Strange. I'm a bit at a loss for what to do with myself.

Filling up my social calendar for next week! :D Yes, I finally get to have a social life again! Ooh yeah, I need to get back to my friend about the horse-racing.
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May. 5th, 2014

still waters run deep

Well, I went to Goethe today for the test, and ran right smack into a situation that required me to do an interview in German. Needless to say, most of the time was just me gesturing and smiling awkwardly, going, "ich weiß nicht, was zu sagen". Or answering questions with one-sentence answers. Yeah. Not good. Haha.

It's not even that I can't answer questions. I just can't elaborate on things, it seems. Even in my Lit seminars, usually when the profs call on me to answer stuff, I just give the most basic of answers. And they will stare at me, smiling expectantly, and I'll just shrug and say, "Well... yeah."

No wonder people tend to think I'm pretty stupid until they see my written work. It's not like I'm saying my written work is genius or something, but I do write a lot better than I speak. And my written work definitely shows more intelligence than what comes out of my mouth.

I think it's pretty sad. It's sad that society values the ability to speak more than the ability to do these days. And trust me, I know what I'm doing with my work, my research. But I am just so terrible when it comes to anything that requires me to speak up.

Which is actually why I am deathly worried about my upcoming viva.

And also part of the reason I have more or less decided not to do a PhD. I don't doubt my ability to write a 100k-word research paper. But I don't think I will be able to survive a PhD Viva. I've heard it can last 4 hours. 4 hours of standing in front of a panel of professors, doing nothing but talking? Scares the crap out of me.

I think it's pretty unfair too, because there are a lot of people out there who can't really do things well, but they can speak so well that before you know it you've pledged 100 thousand dollars to their cause. Of course it's a skill, and that's great for them, but the world doesn't appreciate the people who can do better than they can talk as much as they appreciate those who may not be able to do but can talk till the birds come home for them.

It makes me feel kind of depressed.

I remember in Stuttgart there was this once when we were discussing the idiom "still waters run deep" in class. And I said that I think it's true, but the teacher didn't agree with me. She was kind of just shooting me questions and honestly I got pretty pissed off after that so I just shut up and sat back and took out my phone and started messaging people... Well, so this is why people think I have a bad attitude, maybe.

I don't even think I fall much into the shy and introverted category that a lot of people like to label themselves with. Yeah, I probably can be pretty shy with strangers (especially hot strangers) and I'm pretty much an introvert in the sense that I enjoy my alone time, but I can socialise as well as the next person. I may not be the life of the party (unless I am very, very drunk, then all the Turkish guys start to crowd around me... yeah, long story), but I can carry on conversation when I feel like it. As long as it's not in a huge group, I don't find it that hard to chat with someone I don't know. And I love it when strangers are friendly to me, so if that happens I can be pretty friendly back too. So it isn't that I clam up and get embarrassed about talking or whatever. I just... don't have a lot of things to say sometimes, especially when it comes to presentations. Or explaining things in a professional capacity.

And honestly, I just like to think about things before I say them. And sometimes when people are telling me their opinions and stuff which I think sound incredibly stupid, I will just be sitting there, turning the thoughts over in my head and forming a counter-argument although I won't say a word. And so I think a lot of people think I am a good listener. Hahaha. But I mean, sometimes there's just no point in arguing with someone over something they have very fixed ideas about. I simply cannot be bothered. So people tend to think I have no opinions... although sometimes I must admit that there are certain subjects I just cannot be bothered to form an opinion on. I just tune out, and then people think I'm pretty stupid because I have no idea what they've been talking about for the past 35 minutes when they stop.

Perhaps the better word to use to describe me should be 'self-absorbed', rather than shy or introverted. If something or someone interests me enough for me to talk, I will do it. If not... Haha yeah, I am very aware of my own flaws.

Anyway, ugh! I think this is one of the subjects on which I have a lot to say, but I never do say anything. I think if I always said what I thought, I would be talking non-stop. And also I would never need to blog ever again. I blog to sort out the thoughts that I never get to say in real life.

Oh yeah. There was this pretty decent-looking blond guy at Goethe today. He also came for the test, and I actually didn't see him in the room at all when I entered after my interview and tiptoed to a seat at the back. He was right beside the door too... I only saw him when one of the persons-in-charge came in and asked if we needed the aircon to be turned down colder. Then I looked up towards the door and saw a flash of blond... I am very sensitive to flashes of blond (this is a joke, but I pretty much am). So anyway that was the first time I looked him straight in the face and he was looking at me too. And it was just a glimpse but I think my mind categorised him into the 'ooh blond, not that good-looking but not bad' file in my brain.

He was really tall though. I think I only come up to his shoulder. Or his chest. Then again, I am very short so that's probably not a good gauge. But he's definitely over 180 cm. And I probably looked like a kid to him (except I have boobs). In Europe, they thought I was 11 or 12 when I was 21. At least over here they thought I was 16 or 18 when I was 21. Heh. But I guess it should be obvious that I'm over 18 since you have to be at least 18 to be accepted. (OH HEY! This means he's over 18 too, finally some blond that caught my eye who isn't still in high school... Damn, I sound like a pedophile.)

Anyway, he finished the written test before I did, and by the time I came out of the room he was next in line for the administrative stuff. Then I went in for the second part of the interview, well it was more like to get the results and get sorted and stuff, but by the time I came out again he was pretty much done. I went to the back of the line and that was pretty much when he finished and then he (and this other guy I think he's friends with) walked past me. I was right in front of the lift, so when he got into the lift we had this other moment of looking-at-each-other... Well it's a bit hard not to look when someone is pretty much just right in front of you. And it probably also helped that I was the only girl in the vicinity and as such stood out a bit more in the sea of dudes.

But yeah. That was a totally pointless story about how I met an okay-looking blond guy today that I'll probably never again see. Oh well. Story of my life, no?

I'm pretty happy about today's visit, though. It's been so long since I've been to a European embellishment that I've forgotten how they do things in Europe. And seeing the staff work today at Goethe sort of reminded me of the 'European way of things', as it were. And also everyone I met was pretty friendly (it's been so long since I've heard a receptionist say 'bye' to you, this just doesn't happen here, but shopkeepers and people in the customer service in Europe always do that), and it just warms my heart. I get happy over rather pointless stuff like that. But I think basic friendliness and courtesy is such an amazing thing! Even eye-contact and a smile and a casual "thanks" for holding the door just makes me happy, like I'm living in a world with humans who care.

I mean of course I know basic courtesy doesn't mean they care about me or will remember me at all, but I think it's an indication that you care enough to acknowledge the little good things another stranger does for you. And that is just something I really like. I think over here people mostly just want to lower their heads and hurry up and get home that they can't be bothered to show any courtesy or gratitude towards strangers. I think it makes society feel a little colder. This is why I sometimes want to live in a town or maybe just a smaller city... where people will smile at you just as a greeting, or take their time out to chat with strangers and just be friendly in general. I think I was just constantly happier and a nicer person in Europe because of this type of environment. You don't get that here and it sort of hardens you and makes you equally unfriendly.

Well, I got to experience that again today and that just made my day. Probably more than the blond guy. Although I would really kinda like to see him again.
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May. 2nd, 2014


Hehe. (Well, I haven't started an entry in such a girly manner in so long.)

I was just mourning the end of Camp NaNoWriMo earlier today, because I felt a sense of satisfaction from updating my word count everyday after getting up (I usually write in bed before I go to sleep) but now that the camp's ended, there's nowhere to update my word count anymore. And the story progress on FP isn't accurate because I don't write according to chapters, so I tend to have way more words than I've posted.

So I just went and got myself a manual word counter and put it up on here (it's on the sticky post that always appears as the top entry on this LJ). Now I can try to get my daily sense of satisfaction back. Haha.

I still have no idea how long the actual thing is going to be, so I just put 80k as a tentative goal. I hope it doesn't go more than that, but that's unlikely seeing as my 3 completed chapters are already 15k words in total... Man, this is going to be a monster. I hope it doesn't drag on and on until people are sick of it.

Now that I have a bit of a breather (read: the weekend) before I have to start on work again, I'm feeling extremely lazy to write anything. Especially that Norwegian one-shot that I was so keen on writing before my report and essay were due. Hmm... This does not bode well for the summer. I have a feeling I will either write a lot over the summer, or not at all. There is no in-between.

In other news, I have decided to go for the application and placement test on Monday! I don't know why I do this to myself. I'm still fluctuating in my decision-making regarding the rest of my life, but I need to at least prepare for the possibility that certain things may happen. And I gotta do what I gotta do.

Sometimes I think maybe I'm all talk and I'll be here for the rest of my life, bemoaning my 'fate'. I'm not exactly the risk-taking type. But it's my life, and I have no one to rely on to make my dreams come true except myself. So I keep telling myself that I need to do something while I can. I need to do what I want. But the problem is that perhaps I'm not very sure what it is that I really want after all.

Apr. 27th, 2014

the cold never bothered me anyway

How is it that I can be so attracted to a language? I sit here and listen to La Den Gå for the 232nd time (according to iTunes's records) and I'm like... whoaaa I want a Norwegian guy, I would sit there and just listen to him talk all day. (Damn, I should have kept in touch with Salmon Guy. Even though he was boring. But he also kept a folded up 10 Euro note in a separate compartment in his wallet, like I do... Hey, we could've been soulmates! Hahaha nah.)

Ach, damn this to hell. I'm really itching to write, either about Nik and Tamy or about the Norwegian guy story... Oh, Kjell. For a moment there I forgot his name. And I recently just realised I already have another female protag called Amy, so I'm going to have to change her name. Maybe to something like Emmy. Or Etta. I've always liked that name. Kjell and Etta. Hmm.

But no. I can't. I'm supposed to be rushing my Modernism essay now. In fact, my viva report isn't really done but I decided today that I really really need to start on the Modernism essay or I will die. So far I'm still dying. It's only got 304 words and I need 6000. By the end of 28th April.

Hoo boy.

I need to try to get as close to 2000 words as possible before going to bed tonight. Okay, to the Gods of Essay-Writing - remember that time when I was in Stuttgart and running a damn high fever and almost delirious and puking my guts out and all doped up on antibiotics (and trust me German antibiotics may kill a small goat) but I still managed to churn out a 3000-word essay in a single day that netted me a 1,2 (that's probably an A-, I think?) grade? Yes, I need your help again. I'm okay-healthy now but I need to churn out a 6000-word essay in 2 days that can get me an A- at least. Thanks.

My phone is still turned off, but fat load of good that's done me so far. I ended up marathoning a whole season of 2 Broke Girls.

In other news, I have never been away from Twitter for so long. I think the withdrawal is hitting me.

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Apr. 20th, 2014

og den frykt som en gang holdt meg kan ikke nå meg her

Whoo!!! I don't know what happened to me today. I sort of went crazy. Funny story - this entire thing started because I was listening to some songs by this German band called 3A. Their album isn't out yet, but I've heard their teaser clips and I'm intrigued. I hope they're not like ichkannfliegen and allow people outside of Germany to buy their songs online.

Damn, I never should have closed all my German bank accounts before leaving the country.

But anyway, while I was listening to 3A on YouTube, I saw this recommended link to the song Let It Go from Frozen... I watched that movie back in December last year, and I guess I found the song pretty catchy, but never really went to listen to it outside of the cinema.

So I clicked on that link. (It was the normal English version, by the way.)

And I was talking to Vargo online as usual, so when I told her I was listening to it, she linked me to the 25-language compilation of the song. I think it's one of the coolest things ever, I absolutely love these compilations where one line is in a different language. After watching it, I was hit with the desire to learn a bunch of the languages from the video... All of the languages sound so cool in there!

Thus began my day of constant looping and listening to the song in different languages. I ended up listening to the Nordic language versions especially. Swedish, Icelandic, Norwegian (I listened to Danish and Finnish too, but these 3 are the only ones that I still have open.)

Oh, and just for the sake of it, because I am still loyal to my beloved German, here's the German one. I don't really like it though. The German lyrics don't sound very nice to me.

But anyway, I went around learning random words from Swedish and Icelandic. (Like for example apparently "allt är förstört" is supposed to mean "everything is ruined". Good phrase to know for daily use.) And I just now started properly learning some basic Norwegian grammar. Haha. I am oddly attracted to the Norwegian language at this point. I love the way the words are spelt, for some reason.

And then, after an entire day of fangirling over Nordic languages, I suddenly got inspired to start a one-shot featuring a Scandinavian guy. I already have one of those (Scandi male protags, I mean), Anton from Facebook Official, so although I was pretty tempted to set the new story in Sweden (it's the only Scandi country I've been to), I decided not to.

And so Kjell Hagen was born. (I went to google "common Norwegian names" and slapped together the first name and last name that appealed most to me.) I haven't actually named the story, nor do I really know where it is going, but it's probably just going to be another light-hearted one-shot like How To Get From Point A To B (well okay, it wasn't that light-hearted, but compared to my other recent works it's the most upbeat one already).

Although I honestly have no idea what Norwegian guys are like, because I've only met one in my entire life and he kept asking me if I liked salmon. Well, he was blond and blue-eyed though, so there's that.

Here's an excerpt of what I've written so far (like 5 minutes ago):

“Hi,” he said, in barely-accented English.

Hei,” I said, in a terrible accent that made me want to cringe. It was a good thing I had thick skin. “Jeg heter Amy. Er du fra Norge?”

He stared at me, first in astonishment, before his eyes crinkled and a slow grin spread across his face. “Jeg heter Kjell,” he replied, stretching out his hand to shake mine. His grip was warm and firm. First impressions were very important to me, and everything that I was seeing in him told me that he was someone I was going to like. “Snakker du norsk?”

Ja,” I said, nodding my head to further indicate affirmation. Then I grinned and dropped the act. “But that’s all the Norwegian I know, I’m afraid.”

He laughed, sounding delighted.

Um... well, that's it for now. I dunno, I just learnt those Norwegian phrases (haha I swear Norwegian conjugation is great!) and just wanted to write them in. But of course I have to assume nobody who reads this knows Norwegian, and find some way to subtly translate it in the story. I don't like it when the direct translations appear in brackets or whatever, I feel like it takes something away from the experience of reading a foreign language. But at the same time, I get kinda annoyed when I see random French or Italian (well, languages I don't understand) phrases sprouting out of nowhere with no translation, the way they do all the time in Modernist literature, so... I will include a translation, someway, somehow, don't worry.

I am also suddenly in love with the Norwegian language, so maybe I'll continue learning a bit more of it. Get a notebook or something. I also want to learn Swedish properly, too, not just random words. Someday. Maybe get ice boy to teach me some, it's his mothertongue anyway

Man, I keep wanting to learn new languages. I language-hop too much, I only know the very basics of a lot of languages. Which is pretty pointless, if you think about it. Oh well.

Right! I really should be doing work. Yeah, recently I've been ending every post by saying this, haha. Ugh, there's a roach in the kitchen and I have to go get rid of it now, then settle down to do work.

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