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English major. Writes. 3DS/Vita gamer.

♥: Detective fiction, plot twists, literary references, rock music, video games.
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Auld Lang Syne

ha det så bra

It's been such a while since I've finished anything new, hasn't it? (The first one for this year, in fact.)

Ha Det Så Bra

If you love it, let it go. If it finds its way back, it's yours. If it doesn't...

The picture from the cover is of the harbour in Stockholm. Yeah, I really love harbours. And I think this whole bluish tint really suits the mood of the story. The title is supposed to be the Swedish equivalent of the English "take care".

So... Yeah, ice boy has left... Thus ends his chapter in my life. I'm glad we got to do a proper farewell, at least, even though I did botch up the hug, heh.

I've been writing about him a lot. I barely wrote anything in January and February at all, because I was so preoccupied with him (one of the very few times I was too interested in real life to bother with creating my own fantastical one); I only started that really long story about him in March because he was away for three weeks and I was trying to figure it all out in my head. And now... Now that he's gone for (pretty much - to me, anyway) good, I will either try to finish the stories I've started about him, or leave them aside for a little while.

Although I suspect all my male protagonists are going to start taking after him at least a little...

But all right, I have to move on with my life.

Time to pick up Auld Lang Syne and Somewhere Else again.

somewhere else

Somewhere Else
Sequel to Something Better

Summary: It was supposed to have gotten easier. After all, love is always enough... right?

Ha, I am getting so lazy with summaries these days.

The picture on the cover is from Frankfurt Airport... I know, it has nothing to do with Hamburg nor Helsinki, but I haven't been to any of those airports, so... But the cover turned out better than I expected, haha. I do love arrival boards. Too bad I didn't take a close-up of it.

Well... I decided to post this in chapters after all. I hope people don't get bored following the updates, even though I plan to update regularly... I have a feeling some of the scenes will seem very boring. Well, I mean, I think some scenes in Something Better were probably very boring, too. Heh. Ah well. I guess we'll just see. I think I'm just really uncomfortable with this series of stories because they are about issues that are a little too close to heart. But I have to write them exactly because of this reason.

Hopefully I'll be able to finish filling in the gaps in the unfinished scenes soon, because I really really need to resume writing my thesis again. (ALS as well... Damn, I haven't touched that since NaNoWriMo.)

So many things to write.

goodbye, 2014 pt.2

All right, I was overly free while waiting for tonight, so I went to make a graphic of my 2014 writing round-up. Woohoo!

Tidied up all the quotes a little, too, heh.

And this made me realise, the only months this year in which I didn't start writing something new were July and December. Not bad, eh?

All right, now off to celebrations!

maybe I'll take you where we are undefined

Crap. Now I've gone and done it again.

If you know me, you know that I am a huge huge huge... okay, what's the opposite of fan? I am greatly against sequels, especially for my own stories. I believe that sequels are the antithesis of happy endings. The first story ends 'happily ever after'... but when the sequel comes along, it contradicts that idea of 'happily ever after' and introduces more problems and such. So I am quite against sequels. But... Emilie and Aksel just wouldn't let me go. (Or rather, I suspect it's because I use Emilie as the character that I can vent all my personal issues through... but anyway.)

Funny thing, this all started because I saw a picture of a train station in Stockholm, Sweden. I was staring at it for a while, thinking that I've been there, and also thinking something along the lines of, "Ah. So this is where he grew up." Which makes no sense, because I've freaking been there... although that was before I got to know him. But anyway. That one thought in my head sort of gave me a huge swell of feelings, and before I knew it, I had written this. Ahahaha. And actually, I already have 5 or 6 (half-written) scenes for this sequel. And about 2.5k words. I don't know, the ideas just keep coming. Probably because I have been missing Germany so bad myself that everything is coming out in this story. Just like it did in the original one-shot.

Ah, well.

I really do want to visit Finland for real before I try to describe the place, though, so I don't think it will be done any time soon. Because I don't have the ability to go to Finland any time soon. So... Maybe by the time I finish this, nobody will remember I started it in the first place anymore. Haha!

Also, I need to find some way to learn Finnish for real. It's very hard to base a story in Finland without inserting some Finnish phrases occasionally. I'm so lazy, though. And Finnish is so, so hard. And there are so few resources available for Finnish. Ugh.

I swear, I keep writing these one-shots and not working on ALS even though NaNo is ending in a couple days and I've only written 7k words...

do not go gentle into that good night

Where I Learn From My Mistakes

Summary: Who do you choose, when you find yourself caught up in a love triangle despite your best intentions? The boy your heart beats for – or the friend you’ve stood by for so long? Sometimes the choices you face aren’t so clear-cut.

Haha, I'm a couple days late with this.

I admit, I kinda rushed this before the release of Pokemon: Alpha Sapphire (and Omega Ruby) so that I could immerse myself in the game once it came out. And I have been playing madly... all of Saturday. On Friday and Sunday, I went to watch Interstellar, which has become my new favourite movie. IT IS JUST SO AWESOME. I love all the references and all the themes in it. It's like a movie that consists of everything that I love. Well, most of the things. I love love love the writing, the acting, and the directing in this. Especially the writing - this is the mark of good writing. Love the dialogue and the foreshadowing and how everything just... connects. I would love to be able to write something like that one day... Well, one day. Maybe. I've watched it twice in three days, and I feel like if someone invites me to go watch it again, I definitely would. Haha!

My all-time favourite quote:
"It's not possible."
"No... but it is necessary."

That scene in which this is said is also my favourite out of everything in this movie.

But anyway... yeah. I'm exhausted. Back to Pokemon now. And I really have to stop indulging in escapism and start my thesis again tomorrow (or technically today). I really haven't done much for NaNoWriMo since I've been writing this one-shot madly but... oh well.
NaNoWriMo starts in slightly over a week's time... I'm probably going to try to participate, and work on Auld Lang Syne during that period, even though I have a lot of other one-shots that I've been itching to write more. For example: that Norwegian one-shot I started back in April this year... The one that was supposed to be about Kjell. I've changed the entire premise, changed the guy's name, and now I have about 2,908 words of it written. Probably still far, far from done. I'm kinda out of ideas for it now, though, so I'm just going to leave it for a bit before I come back to it.

More recently, I've been writing Alex's Story... a lot. Or maybe a better description of it would be Ice Boy's Story. Because it's based on Ice Boy, the Swedish guy I've been crushing on since last August, and the fact that I recently discovered my friend has been going behind my back and... trying to attract him, I suppose. Even though she knew I liked him. Hell, everyone who knows me knew I liked him. I sure have been tweeting about him enough. Anyway. I started writing the story back in June, I think, because I was going through some sort of inner struggle, since I'd found out that my friend liked him too. But I'd always felt bad about writing it, because you can't help who you like. It wasn't her fault she was interested in the same guy I was, or that she refused to help introduce me even after she'd befriended him. I understood that. But then a week ago, I found out that she's been doing all sorts of things behind my back... And after a good night of wallowing and disillusionment, I decided: to hell with it. I'm going to write it.

And so here we are. Just hit 8,000 words a couple minutes ago, and it's still going strong. My stories are just getting longer and longer these days... Sneak peak (even though this excerpt is outdated, because I've already fleshed out this scene):

I think most of the story so far is just me indirectly criticising myself. It was that way for Something Better, too...

I also went to dig up my ancient copy of The Little Prince yesterday, and now I am absolutely in love with it. I think it's one of those books everyone should read at least once in their lifetime. It's so... amazing. I'm the worst book reviewer ever, so... all I'm going to say is: I feel like I understand life and love a little better after reading it.


det blir første gang på lenge

...I'm back to my usual ways.

I swear I can't stop looping this song.

It actually started out really innocently - because I've been learning some Finnish on Live Mocha today (as part of my procrastination routine), I went to listen to the Finnish version of Let It Go. Or try to, at least. I couldn't find it on YouTube... but eventually did find it on Tumblr. I don't like it much, though. I think Finnish has too many syllables to fit that well into the melody. Then I song-hopped to First Time In Forever in Finnish... and somehow ended up back at the Norwegian one.

I think when it comes to Frozen, I still love the Norwegian versions best.

So... yeah. My desire to learn Norwegian is back. I started a bit the last time (and even started a one-shot about a Norwegian guy... who I named Kjell... and who eventually became the Swede Kjell in Something Better, ahaha), but then got distracted and stopped.

I'm maybe still going to write the Norwegian one-shot, since it isn't about the same thing as the topic in Something Better, but it probably won't be anytime soon. I am, however, going to get back into learning the Norwegian language soon! After Finnish. One at a time.

Finnish is proving to be really tricky, though. :\ I think I'm more familiar with Germanic / Indo-European languages, and Finnish isn't within the same language family. So everything is so different. The only similarity is that it has much the same type of script, at least... And at least it's pronounced the way it's spelt. That's one of the things I love about Norwegian and Swedish, too. I'm looking at you, French

Ah, I have no idea why I'm so in love with the Nordic countries recently. I can't stop reading up on them, and I can't stop tweeting about what I discover either. Haha. So sorry. But it's really so intriguing. Languages are amazing.

Maybe I should have done a degree in Linguistics instead... Oh well, too late. Sigh.

I'm gonna love you wherever I go

Something Better

Summary: It was only meant to be a fling. After all, who could fall in love in just six months?

Ohhhh, it's finally done! I swear, writing this one about drove me crazy. It was such a pain to write, mostly probably because it was way too close to my heart. I may have rushed the last few scenes, mainly because I was so sick of it and wanted it to end soon so that I could go back to writing my thesis (been putting it off for 2 weeks while I tried to finish this).

I'm actually really self-conscious about this story, so I'm just going to... yeah. It is somehow really embarrassing, since I feel my inner self laid pretty much bare. Ugh. Anyway...

I ended up learning lots of things about Finland, Finnish culture, and the language while writing this. It was really interesting. The next time I'm back in Europe, I'll try to visit Helsinki, I think. :D

On a sidenote, my one-shots are getting longer and my summaries are getting shorter. Hahaha. Oh, and the photo from the cover was taken on the plane while I was flying out of Sweden. It's one of my favourite photos out of all those I've ever taken.

And just for the heck of it, the view from Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh:

Here's the song the title was based on:

Still in love with this song.

And another song that I looped while writing part of the story:

This MV was definitely filmed at a German airport. Not sure if it's because all German airports look the same, or I've been there before, but it just looks soooo familiar...

FUN FACT: Both are Finnish bands! Gosh, so much Finnish love lately.

Well... I guess I should get back to my thesis-writing.

a drop of romeo

Whoo! I've just gotten my new iPhone 6! :) Really happy right now (and itching to go install/transfer all sorts of things since I got the 128GB model which sounds pretty insane haha, I mean I could probably put my entire music library on my phone now!) but that's not the point of this entry.

I wanted to post to talk about some of my stories making it onto A Drop of Romeo! It's a fan site that collects and reviews Romance stories on FP. The site's pretty famous and has been around for such a long time. I used to look for stories to read on there, and I think it's really awesome that my stories have been added up there now. :D

Blue Eyes made it up on ADoR back in 2012 (and I suspect that had something to do with how many readers I got all of a sudden, haha). And then so did Hab Dich Lieb and Facebook Official, in 2013.

And I was recently informed that Fades in the Summer and Auld Lang Syne have both been added just this month too!

This is so awesome! And with such lovely reviews too. :)

(Ah, one thing that bothers me though is that it says that Nik went to China in the ALS review... I never explicitly said it was China when I mentioned Asia. I left it ambiguous deliberately, because I don't really want to lock it down to a specific location, even though anyone who knows anything about me would probably be able to guess where in Europe and where in Asia I'm referring to in the story, haha. Of course in leaving everything so vague, it's sort of up to the reader to infer where the story takes place, so I guess it's not wrong to imagine that it was China that Nik went to, when he left.)

Oh, and since I'm talking about my stories and my new phone all in the same entry (heh), may I also say that the larger screen is pretty awesome for writing. I do 98% of my writing these days on my phone, on Google Docs, so the screen size is going to make things more convenient now. :D I hope they update the apps soon so that not everything looks so large. Everything just looks huge right now because most of the apps are still optimised to the old screen resolution...

Before I run off to play with my new gadget, here's a sneak peek of the very very beginning of the upcoming chapter for Auld Lang Syne. ;)

Though not much of a sneak peek, I"m afraidCollapse )

Oh yeah. And tomorrow is my birthday. Kekeke, this new phone is like an early birthday present, haha!